Mellifera 12: The MAGA Edition

TheHive Project French Chefs are very happy to announce Mellifera 12, a brand new, all shiny, major version of TheHive.

This MAGA (Make Analysis Great Again) edition of your (soon to be?) favorite Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) contains an awful lot of changes and improvements. While you can read the full changelog while waiting in line for your burger at HopDoddy or for your turn for the latest Disney attraction, we’d like to concentrate on a few features that would make you enjoy Digital Forensics & Incident Response like never before 🙂

Go Short or Go North

The Observables tab can now display the short (a.k.a. mini) reports produced by analyzers. Whenever you run an analysis (or many), the mini-reports will be shown as soon as the corresponding analyzer jobs have successfully finished. That way, you no longer have to click on each observable to access the short report.

Short Reports shown on the Observables Tab

In fact, you don’t even have to click on the observable to access the long reports. You must simply click on the corresponding short report and the long one will be displayed on top of the observables tab as shown in the following screencast. Ain’t that nifty?


A Single Click on the Short Report Shows the Long One

The short reports have been also improved to follow a taxonomy. To get to this stage, we had to review all 24 analyzers and their flavors, add new functionality to the CortexUtils Python library and improve the analyzers to add a summary section to their JSON output which Mellifera 12 interprets and displays according to a color code as described in our previous post. Please make sure to read it as it contains important information on how to update your cortexutils version and the analyzers as well as the report templates.

Is This Alert New or What?

Mellifera 12 introduces an important feature pertaining to alerts. To put it simply, whenever you receive a new alert from MISP, email, SIEM or any other source that you have connected with TheHive, the alert preview page will tell you if there are similarities with existing cases and if so, Mellifera 12 will let you import the new alert in the existing case and any updates made to that alert (think of an ongoing MISP event) will be automatically added to the case.

Alert Preview Page with the new Similar cases Section

Template this, Template that

In addition to the ‘similarity’ feature outlined above, Mellifera 12 lets you choose the case template to use when importing a new alert instead of having to use only a specific case template per alert type/source.

Choose the Template You’d Like to Use to Import an Alert

Custom Fields

We heard our community and implemented a feature that was requested by several users: custom fields.

So you’d like to add a business impact to a specific type of cases? Or a set of TTPs? Or a Threat Actor? Or specify a Business Unit? No problem! Ask an admin to create a custom field, associate it with a case template and there you go.

Add a Custom Field

Unlike metrics, custom fields must not be filled to close a case. You can also supercharge a case with custom fields that have not been associated to a case template. We currently support four types of custom fields: strings, numbers, booleans and dates. And you can create lists of acceptable values to limit your analysts’ choices to legitimate data.

Other New Features

Mellifera 12 gives you the ability to reopen closed tasks. And when viewing the related cases tab of the current case, you’ll see the resolution status of the ones that were closed (false positive, true positive, indeterminate). External links will also be opened in a new tab.  Moreover, files included in alerts are no longer limited to 32 KB so you have no longer an excuse to avoid sending user email reports with their attachments to TheHive 😉

Download & Get Down to Work

If you have an existing installation of TheHive, please follow the migration guide.

If you are performing a fresh installation, read the installation guide corresponding to your needs and enjoy. Please note that you can install TheHive using an RPM or DEB package, use Docker, install it from a binary or build it from sources.


Something does not work as expected? You have troubles installing or upgrading? No worries, please join our  user forum, contact us on Gitter, or send us an email at We are here to help.

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