Elasticsearch 7.11.x is now supported !

After the first feedback received from the community on Discord and Github, we have put the coming 4.1.0 release of TheHive on hold to focus on what can potentially break Cortex v3.1.0 and TheHive v3.5.0 with the upgrade to Elasticsearch v7.11.x.
Several questions appeared on our side:

  • How to fix the installation process ?
  • How to fix the upgrade process ?
  • As the update of an existing Elasticsearch database to 7.11.x makes the downgrade impossible after that, will our fix repair it ?

Good news: this is fixed with TheHive v3.5.1 and Cortex 3.1.1, and these versions will repair databases that have already been updated to ES 7.11.x.

The update to these new versions introduces new indexes, for Cortex (cortex_6), as well as for TheHive (the_hive_17).

  • If you plan to run a new installation for Cortex, just follow the installation guide;
  • If you want to update your setup, we recommend to follow this process:
    • Stop TheHive or Cortex
    • Stop Elasticsearch
    • Update Elasticsearch package
    • Restart Elasticsearch and ensure this is going well
    • Install TheHive 3.5.1 or Cortex 3.1.1 package
  • If you already updated Elasticsearch to version 7.11.x and faced potential breaks with Cortex or TheHive, follow the process described previously and you should regain access to your data.

Once updated, you should be invited to update the database:

Update Database after installing TheHive 3.5.1 or Cortex 3.1.1

Click on “Update Database” and you should then be invited to login. Everything should work fine after that.

As usual, we recommend making backups or a snapshot of the database before running the upgrade.

How to report issues

Please open an issue on GitHub for Cortex of the TheHive with the dedicated template for TheHive 3.x. We will monitor them closely and respond accordingly. 

Running Into Trouble?

Shall you encounter any difficulty, please join our user forum, contact us on Discord, or send us an email at support@thehive-project.org. We will be more than happy to help!