Train till you Drain: TheHive & Cortex VM

Rejoice folks! You can now play with TheHive & Cortex thanks to the test VM we created. It includes Mellifera 12, the latest major version of TheHive, Cortex 1.1.3, the latest Cortex analyzers with all dependencies and ElasticSearch installed on top of Ubuntu 16.04 with Oracle JRE 8.

The test VM is intended to be used… well… for testing or training purposes. We strongly encourage you to refrain from using it for production.

Get It

You can download the VM from the following location:

To ensure that your download went through nicely, check the file’s SHA256 hash which must be equal to the following value:


The system’s login is thehive and the associated password is thehive1234.

Use It

You can start using TheHive & Cortex once the VM is started. To access TheHive, point your browser to the following URL:


For Cortex, the port is 9999:


Configure TheHive

The first time you access TheHive, you’ll need to create the associated database by clicking on the Update Database button as shown below:

Update TheHive’s Database on First Access

TheHive’s configuration file is located in /etc/thehive/application.conf. For additional configuration, read the docs.


TheHive is already configured to use the local Cortex service.

Analyzer and Associated Report Templates

To fully benefit from the analyzers, you should install the associated report templates:

  • download the report template package
  • log in TheHive using an administrator account
  • go to Admin > Report templates menu
  • click on Import templates button and select the downloaded package
Plug it with MISP

The test VM does not contain a MISP instance and none is configured in TheHive’s configuration file.  To play with MISP, you may want to use the VM our good friends at CIRCL provide.  Once you’ve downloaded it or if you have an existing instance, edit /etc/thehive/application.conf and follow the configuration guide.

Restart or Go Mad

After each modification of /etc/thehive/application.conf do not forget to restart the service:

$ sudo service thehive restart


TheHive service logs are located in /var/log/thehive/application.log.

Configure Cortex

All available analyzers are installed with their dependencies, but none is configured. To configure analyzers, edit /etc/cortex/application.conf and follow the configuration guide.

Restart or Go Mad

After each modification of /etc/cortex/application.conf do not forget to restart the service:

$ sudo service cortex restart

Cortex service logs are located in /var/log/cortex/application.log.

Need Help?

Something does not work as expected? No worries, we got you covered. Please join our  user forum, contact us on Gitter, or send us an email at We are here to help.


Correction: July 8, 2017 
An earlier version of this post offered to download the VM from Dropbox but they suspended the associated link due to seemingly heavy traffic. The post was updated to replace the Dropbox link with a Google Drive one.

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