TheHive Project’s chat has a new home

TheHive Project an Discord

Back in April 2020, we discovered an issue in our GitHub repository opening the discussion about moving our chat and creating a discord server for community discussions. It was obviously a relevant suggestion, but one we couldn’t address at the time since we were head down focusing on developing product updates (TheHive 4, TheHive and Cortex with ES7 support) and building a sustainable structure for your beloved TheHive Project to prosper in the long run.

Today, our public community has strong foundations and keeps growing as we welcome new users and organisations wishing to start their journey with TheHive Project. We can count on an amazing number of trusted and invested users willing to share their knowledge and help newcomers (the current Gitter channel is mostly self-managed). The GitHub issue highlighted several key improvements we could work on to provide a better chat experience to our community:

  • offering different channels, for different products to handle more targeted questions
  • implementing new roles like moderators and trusted-users
  • creating a channel for announcements
  • creating channels for contributions, automation
  • creating channels for languages other than English
  • listening to our member’s requests to improve the community server

We truly wish to enhance the chat experience of all community members, whether they join the conversation to ask a question, share their experience or help others troubleshooting an issue.

Why Discord?

Let us share a story.

TheHive Project’s core team first used Slack as its main private chat and communication tool. Slack is fine but we had some frustrating experience with it (ex: limited search history). We then moved to Keybase which is still our daily internal chat platform. Although we are satisfied with Keybase, we felt the onboarding experience might be a little too intense for some users.

So we decided to have a look at Discord, which was initially designed for gamer, allowing text chat, video, voice calls and screen sharing. Discord has great mobile apps too, in addition to those for web and desktop. And it’s really fast! It’s also getting a strong footprint with open source projects.

Last week, we posted a poll on Twitter about the move, and here are the democratic answers:

Twitter poll about Discord vs. Gitter

This confirmed our impression, so let’s do it.

How to join?

It’s easy peasy, here is the link Join our new Discord based community. It requires a Discord account with a valid email address (which is the lowest requirement). You will be welcomed with a screen that reminds the rules and code of conduct.

Welcome screen

Once registered:

  • If you wish to introduce yourself, you can share your story with us through the `#introductions` channel.
  • If you wish to share something you built in top of our products, your can do it in the `share-your-work`
  • If you need a new channel dedicated to your language, you can just ask for it or reach any core member or moderator
Community rules

What’s next?

We hope the current 1k+ users registered in Gitter will migrate to our new Discord platform. We will keep the light on in the Gitter channel for the time being, but we hope the Discord community will be the new land for all of you.