Mellifera 13.1 Released

Following the release of Mellifera 13 last week, some users reported problems getting the platform working correctly. They couldn’t browse a case’s tasks. TheHive Chefs reproduced the bug and corrected swiftly in Mellifera 13.1 (TheHive 2.13.1), which is now available. Please note that the identified bug happens only when you haven’t upgraded TheHive from an earlier version.

Is ES 2.x still supported?

Mellifera 13 introduced the support of Elasticsearch 5.x and has been thoroughly tested with version 5.5 (5.6 should be probably work just fine). Given the numerous changes between ES 2.x and ES 5.x, we do not support both versions. Hence, and starting from Mellifera 13, only ES 5.x is supported.

Download & Get Down to Work

If you have an existing installation of TheHive, please follow the migration guideThis is paramount to ensure a good transition from earlier versions. You have been warned.

If you are performing a fresh installation, read the installation guide corresponding to your needs and enjoy. Please note that you can install TheHive using an RPM or DEB package, use Docker, install it from a binary or build it from sources.


Something does not work as expected? You have troubles installing or upgrading? No worries, please join our  user forum, contact us on Gitter, or send us an email at We are here to help.