Mellifera 11.3 Released

A few days ago, we have been made aware of a bug in the way we pulled new or updated MISP events to inject them within Mellifera’s alerting panel. As a result, some events did not show up as intended. So you might have missed some of the action shared by peers and partners through MISP.

As true Frenchmen who care a lot about cuisine, TheHive Project’s Chefs went back to their code kitchen and figured out a more palatable recipe to make sure you won’t be left under the impression that you were seeing all new or updated MISP events while in fact you didn’t (we don’t want you to go too easy & lazy n’est-ce pas ?). Mellifera 11.3 (TheHive 2.11.3), a hotfix version has been released to that end and should fix the issue. Please note that you must use MISP 2.4.73 or better.

In addition, this new version of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) Security Incident Response Platform can be installed from a deb package on Ubuntu 16.04 without having to fiddle with OpenJDK. We have repackaged the software to avoid grabbing OpenJDK 9 (which TheHive does not support) and force the installation of version 8.

Finally, if an admin creates an empty case template, users can add tasks to it while previously this wasn’t possible.

Download & Get Down to Work

If you have an existing installation of TheHive, please follow the new migration guide.

If you are performing a fresh installation, read the installation guide corresponding to your needs and enjoy. Please note that you can install TheHive using an RPM or DEB package, deploy it using an Ansible script, use Docker, install it from a binary or build it from sources.


Something does not work as expected? You have troubles installing or upgrading? No worries, please join our  user forum, contact us on Gitter, or send us an email at We are here to help.


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