Cortex 1.1.3 Released

Moments ago, we have announced the release of Mellifera 11.3. And since we don’t want to leave you wanting for more update er fun time, you may want to schedule as well a Cortex update shall you need it 😉

Cortex 1.1.3 is now available. This hotfix corrects the deb package  to make it compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 without having to fiddle with OpenJDK. As we did with TheHive, we have repackaged the software to avoid grabbing OpenJDK 9 (which Cortex does not support) and force the installation of version 8. This version also corrects a cryptic error that might be thrown out by Cortex as a result of an improper interpretation of an analyzer failure.

Download & Get Down to Work

To update your current Cortex installation, follow the instructions of the installation guide. Before doing so, you may want to save the job reports that were not executed via TheHive. Cortex 1 has no persistence and restarting the service will wipe out any existing reports.

Please note that you can install Cortex using an RPM or DEB package, deploy it using an Ansible script, use Docker, install it from a binary or build it from sources.


Something does not work as expected? You have troubles installing or upgrading? No worries, please join our  user forum, contact us on Gitter, or send us an email at We are here to help.

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